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The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Indoor Season is just around the corner  

Tennis Court Conduct

How WE conduct ourselves on the court is a reflection of who WE are as a club. We invite all our members and guests to consider the following as you’re enjoying your tennis game:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Set a positive example
  • Introduce yourself to new members
  • Play fairly; acknowledge good shots; shake hands at the end of every match
  • Be aware that children and beginners are always nearby copying behaviour
  • Be considerate of others
  • Be patient awaiting your turn to play; let others finish their game
  • Be prompt in leaving the court at the end of an hours play
  • Return balls to other courts only when others are prepared to receive them
  • Wait until play has stopped on another court to get your ball
  • Return balls directly to others
  • Refrain from practicing your service return on ʻoutʼ serves Dress Code
  • Proper tennis attire is required
  • Rubber-soled athletic shoes  must be worn

Etiquette should always prevail.

Basic Tennis Rules | Court Conduct | ATC Bylaws


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