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To all new and potential adult members

Aldershot Tennis Club (ATC) currently has a full Winter membership quota, and there is a waiting period for new winter members. We can only accommodate so many members so as to keep court availability reasonable and comply with OTA regulations.  ATC is one of the best run facilities in Ontario with all-year playing, coaching, leagues, social functions and a warm and pleasant friendly atmosphere. Please apply and pay your deposit and be patient with us.  When you do finally join ATC, the waiting will be more than justified. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Oliver Barkovic, President

ADULT & STUDENT Registration Package – Summer
PDF Click here for the Adult and Student Registration package

JUNIOR Member Registration Package – Summer
PDF Click here for the Summer Junior Program Sign-up information

JUNIOR Membership Application – Summer
PDF Click here for the Junior Registration Membership Application

FAMILY Registration Package – Summer
PDF Click here for Summer Season Family Membership

ADULT Full-Year Membership Reservation Request
PDF Click here for the Adult Full-Year Membership Reservation Request & Waiver

2018-19 Junior Member Registration Package – Full Year
PDF Click here for the Winter Junior Program Registration (Members and Non Members)

2018-19 ADULT & STUDENT Registration Package – WINTER
PDF Click here for the Winter Adult & Student Program Registration package

Membership Inquiries:
ATC Clubhouse  (905) 632-7779

Payment by cheque or money order please (no cash or online payments accepted).  Applications for student memberships must include a photocopy of Student ID.  Couples may send one cheque with two completed forms.

Summer Only Fees (includes OTA membership)

Adult $125.00 (Includes HST of $14.40)
Junior $57.00 under 18 as of Jan 1. - restricted hours of play (Incl. HST of $7)
Student $84.75 18 - 25 (photocopy of valid student card required) (Incl. HST of $9.75)


$237.30 2 adults and unlimited Junior members (Incl. HST of $27.30)
Guests Fee (Adult, Student and Junior) $5.00

Must be paid prior to going on court (penalty for unpaid guest fees $10)
Members can sponsor any number of guests during the Summer Session
A Guest can only play 5 times in the Summer Session

Winter Fees (includes OTA membership and HST)

Fulltime (12-months) $535.00  
Student (12 months) $375.00 18 and over attending full-time college or university
Full court and league privileges
(photocopy of valid student card required)
Junior (12 months) $250.00 under 18 as of January 1 - restricted hours of play
Guest Fee $15.00

A Member is entitled to bring a guest on a maximum of 5 occasions during the indoor season.  A guest can be sponsored by members for a maximum of 5 visits during the indoor season.

  • A fee of $15.00 per Guest per booking is to be paid prior to proceeding to the court.
  • Payment of guest fees and completion of the guest form are the responsibility of the Sponsoring member.
  • Prepared envelopes once completed are to be deposited in the slot marked guest fees (office door mail slot).
  • A Guest Profile must be created in the Online Booking system, entering the Guest’s Name as one of on-court players
  • Penalty for a fee unpaid is $30.00.  Unpaid guest fees can result in suspended booking privileges for the member.
  • A member is allowed one guest on court per time-slot.
  • Guests may play in the Friday Evening Round Robin.  However, leagues are not open to guests.
  • A guest is limited to five visits even if sponsored by multiple members (Oct 1st to April 30th).


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