Aldershot Tennis Club

Aldershot Tennis Club - Board of Directors/Executive

Oliver Barkovic Oliver Barkovic
John Korosi John Korosi
Past President
Paul Martin Paul Martin
Vice President
Anne Luxon Anne Luxon
Social Director
Dot Knight Dot Knight
Director of Marketing and Communication
Pauline Dotchin vacant
Scot Myers Scot Myers
Interim Program Director
Gerry Blake Gerry Blake
Director of Court Management
Jesse Vermeer Jesse Vermeer
Maintenance Director
Jackie McCluskey Jackie McCluskey
Christopher Duque Christopher Duque
Membership Director

The Aldershot Tennis Club is a volunteer club run by members for members. Please help make our club a great place to play!

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Club Location: Aldershot Park - 1071 Gallagher Rd., Burlington, ON (Just behind Holy Rosary Catholic School on Plains Rd.)

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